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These are the sources of information I used in researching the history of the 143rd Battalion.  Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

You can do me a favour.  If you are researching a unit from WW1, and come across any information about a soldier who's regimental number is 826xxx or 827xxx, or who you know enlisted with the 143rd, please forward any information you have about that soldier, so that I may include it on this website. 


1a. The Bantams-The Untold Story of World War 1 by Sidney Allinson, P. 39
1b. Various
1c. P. 178
1d. P. 182
1e. P. 182
1f.  P. 186
1g.  P. 186
1h. P. 187
1i.  P.189

2a. Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers by Leona Taylor and Dorothy Mindenhall, Victoria’s Victoria, http://www.victoriasvictoria.ca/, 2007

3a. The Daily Colonist newspaper microfilm records available at Greater Victoria Public Library and paper copies available at the Legislative Library, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC
3b. Feb 15, 1916, Page 5
3c. Feb 2, 1916
3d. Mar 4, 1916, P 5
3e. Mar 8, 1916, P 5
3f.  Mar 15, 1916, P 7
3g. Mar 22, 1916, P 7
3h. Apr 2, 1916, P 5
3i. Apr 9, 1916, P 5
3j. Apr 8, 1916, P 7
3k. Apr 16, 1916, P 5
3l. Apr 19, 1916, P 5
3m. Apr 23, 1916, P 26
3n. Apr 26, 1916, P 5
3o. May 4, 1916, P 5
3p. May 17, 1916, P 8
3q. May 23, 1916, P 5
3r. May 30, 1916, P 5
3s. Jun 1, 1916, P 5
3t. Jun 20, 1916, P5
3u. Jul 1-5, 1916, P5
3v. Jul 25, 1916, P5
3w. Aug 1, 1916, P 10
3x. Aug 3, 1916, P 5
3y. Aug 13, 1916
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3ah. Dec 16, 1916, P 5
3ai. Dec 15, 1916, P 1
3aj. Dec 28, 1916, P 5
3ak. Jan 6, 1917, P 5
3al. Jan 9, 1917, P 5
3am. Jan 19, 1917, P 5
3an. Feb 9, 1917, P 5
3ao. Feb 10, 1917, P 5
3ap. Apr 2, 1916, P 15
3aq. April 6, 1916, p. 4

Almost all of the photographs on the website are from the Daily Colonist newspaper.  In 1916 the newspapers used letterpresses which produced passable photographs when viewed on newsprint.  However, when you photograph those pictures, inside a bound volume, the images are less than satisfactory.  But they are better than no photos, and I am grateful that the Legislative Library still has the original newspapers in print.

4a. Beacon Hill Park History by Janis Ringuette
4b. Chapter 9, 1916 - Military Camp takes over north end of Park
4c. Chapter 9, 1917 - Large Military Camp in the Park Dismantled

5a. Historical Record of Units Report, CEF, as prepared by Captain G. Lindsell, Adjutant, on behalf of Lt.-Col. Powley, in May 1917.

2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles, CEF

The information contained in the pages about the individual soldiers as it relates to their service with the 2nd CMR, was obtained from the book The 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles (British Columbia Horse) in France and Flanders, 1914-19199, from the records of G. Chalmers Johnston, 1874-1924.

47th Battalion, CEF

The information contained in the pages about the individual soldiers as it relates to their service with the 47th Battalion, was obtained from the War Diaries of the battalion, available from the National Archives.  The War Diary only included information about wounded soldiers, missing in action or killed in action.  Other soldiers from the 143rd may have belonged to the 47th, but I have found no record.

3rd Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops

The information contained in the pages about the individual soldiers as it relates to their service with the 3rd Battalion, CRT, was obtained from CRT records at the National Archives which were found with the records of the 143rd Battalion.

National Archives, Ottawa

I travelled to Ottawa in June 2009 to view the records of the 143rd Battalion available at the Archives in Ottawa.  If you are researching a unit from WW1, you must consider a trip to the National Archives. 

Finding Aids - When I first arrived at the Archives, an archivist pointed me to a finding aid, which were a series of three ring binders, full of loose leaf pages.  Many years ago one of the employees at the archives compiled a complete record showing a list of records available at the Archives about any unit from WW1.  I immediately had a list of all records available at the Archives on the 143rd.  This was amazing.  A big THANK YOU to whoever that hard working archivist was.  This list saved me countless hours of research.

Canadian Railway Troops

Thanks to Henrik aka NoRemorseDK on the CEF Study Group Forum for information about soldiers that transferred from the 143rd to the Canadian Railway Troops, CEF.

Canadian Great War Project

Thanks to the website Canadian Great War Project for information on many of the soldiers who were killed in action that are listed on my Roll of Honor.


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