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"A well-known local poet, [in Victoria] whose works have been widely quoted, wrote a poem on the Bantams, of which several stanzas follow:" 3a

Caesar was a soldier of maybe five feet four,
And the great Napoleon was certainly no more,
Come and join the Bantams, lads, and improve your rifle score,
And you'll go marching to Flanders.

David killed Goliath with a very little stone;
Jack the Giant-Killer had a system all his own.
Come and join the Bantams, lads; they'll make their valor known
When they go marching to Flanders.

In the smallest packages the best of goods are brought;
In the choicest settings are the best of diamonds wrought.
Come and join the Bantams; they'll be where the hottest fights are fought,
When they go fighting for freedom.

Hat Badge

Each battalion adopted a distinctive hat badge.  This page from the Daily Colonist recognizing "Canada's Manhood Rallying to the Call of Empire" shows a series of badges adopted by battalions raised from Victoria and Military District 11, BC and Yukon.


The 143rd Battalion chose a bantam rooster with the inscription "Multum in Parvo" , latin for "Much in little" and a maple leaf background, as the crest for the Battalion.  The image below and to the right is a re-created image of the Battalion badge, by the author.


Collar badge of the 143rd.  You can see from the ad below, that the soldiers could buy a sterling silver (plated) copy for 40 cents.






Paybook of Sgt William A. Ackland, 826070

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paybook of Sgt. W. A. Ackland





Regimental Song

Although I found an article indicating that someone had written a regimental song for the 143rd, I was never able to find the words or music. 

The other bantam battalion in Toronto, the 216th also wrote a song.  Here is a link to the music score, held by McMaster University, thanks to Keith Myles.

Verse 1:

Though England’s foes may assail her, Though the war clouds hang around,
Still the bright sun smiles O’er Britain’s Isles, For friends in need She’s found.
From India’s Strand to Baffin’s land They have answered the Empire’s call;
For we can’t turn our back On the old Union Jack, the Best old flag of all.


Then give three cheers, Three British cheers For the old Red, White and Blue.
Let the world all know That Britain’s foe Is Canada’s foe too.
Across the sea In Germany, Our boys, they will prove their worth For the Maple Leaf
Our emblem dear And the best old Flag on earth.

Verse 2:
When England said men were wanted Far across the sea to go,
From the east and west, They came, our best, To lay the tyrant low.
So here’s good luck to Jack Canuck! For he’s ready to fight or to fall,
And he’ll stick to the last, For he’s nailed to his mast The best old flag of all.

Verse 1:
Bugle calls are sounding, Sounding ev’ry where,
Britain’s boys are ‘listing, Boys we love so dear.
Joining Britain’s army, Going across the sea,
To strike a blow for freedom’s sake, And win a victory.

For the boys who love a land of freedom Are the boys who fight for Britain’s name,
And we’ll give them all a hearty welcome, When they return again,
For altho’ they’re miles away from homeland, In the trench, on the sea, or shore,
They seem nearer because they’re dearer than they’ve ever been before.

Verse 2:
Boys who love their country Boys of splendid frame,
Side by side are fighting, Fighting might and main,
They don’t mind the danger, On land or on the sea,
So long as they can win the fight The fight for liberty.

Verse 1:
The Country of the Maple sends her sons across the sea
To fight for Britain’s honour and that nations may be free;
And ev’ry lad in khaki clad At duty’s stern decree
Goes marching to his orders in the cause of Liberty, Singing:

“We’re the Boys from Canada Glad to serve Britannia!”
Don’t you hear them? Well then, cheer them! Send a loyal, loud Hurrah!
‘Tis the Maple Leaf they wear, Emblem of their country fair,
Proud to send them God defend them! Boys from Canada.

Verse 2:
From ‘cross the channel comes the call to rally to the fray,
For England needs her soldier boys from Canada today;
To fight for right with all their might And willing to obey
Our brave Canadian soldier boys are up and fast away, Singing:

Verse 3:
Then home they’ll come ‘mid roll of drum that sounds the close of war,
And Canada will sing with joy of life from shore to shore,
The mountain side and prairie wide Will see their own once more
and cry a welcome to the lads who stood at danger’s door, Singing:

Verse 1:
The Empire’s pride, stand side by side, Upon the battle field.
Like knights of old, so brave and bold, Their King and Flag to shield.
For each brave heart, will do his part, For Country and for King,
And gladly go, to meet the foe, Just hear them proudly sing.

By order of the King (God bless him,) we’ll fight and win or die.
“The Empire and the King” (God bless him) is the nations’ cry,
Our country’s pride are fighting, “God bless them and vict’ry bring”
For they are gladly dying just to keep the old flag flying By order of the King

Verse 2:
The clash of steel, may make us reel, But we’ll not give an inch.
For right and fame, we’ll play the game, And we will never flinch.
Thro’ sounds of war and cannon’s roar, We’ll ever pray and sing,
“God give us might, to fight for right,” By order of the King.

Public Recognition Certificate

The City of Victoria was very proud of it's returning service members and issued them public recognition certificates. Click picture to see full size image.



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