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Urbach, Pte. Moses Urquhart, Pte. Edward Ramage
Uter, Pte. George William Vargus, Pte. Joseph Vasheresse, Pte. Louis
Vercellotti, Pte. Anthony Vickers, Pte. Frederick Volpe, Pte. Eugenio
Waddy, Pte. Ernest Alfred Wakefield, Pte. Edward Walker, Pte. Garnet Samuel
Walker, Pte. John Thomas Walker, Pte. Percy Lawrence Wall, Pte. William
Wallace, Pte. Henry Walsh, Pte. James Herbert Walsh, Sgt. John Henry
Walsh, Pte. Robert Walther, Pte. John Walthers, Pte. John
Ward, Pte. Harold Ward, Pte. Joseph Charles Ward, Pte. Thomas
Ward, Pte. William Woodruff Ware, Pte. Henry Gold Warner, Pte. John Edgar Thompson
Wassil, Cpl. Alverino Perkoni Waterman, Pte. Egbert Sydney Watson, L/Cpl. Henry Joseph
Watson, Pte. James Watson, Pte. John Wiliam Watson, Pte. John Thomas
Watson, Pte. John Watson, Pte. William Watts, Pte. Arthur
Watts, Pte. Esau Webb, Pte. Frederich Samuel Webb, Pte. George
Webber, Sgt. Frederick William Wells, Pte. George Wenstone, Pte. Alexander
West, Pte. Albert Edward West, Pte. George West, Pte. William Edward
Westall, Pte. George Westman, Pte. Herbert Lyons Wheeler, Pte. Arthur Phillips
Wheelwright, Pte. William Henry Whigham, Pte. Robert Whipple, Pte. Kenrick Gilbert
White, L/Cpl. Alfred David White, Pte. Henry Arthur Whittaker, Pte. William
Whittles, Pte. Frank Wilcox, Pte. Edgar Wilcox, Pte. Walter
Wilkie, Pte. Matthew Wilkins, Pte. Reginald Sidney Wilkins, Pte. Wilfrid Blake
Wilkinson, L/Cpl. Darrel Wilkinson, Pte. George Edward Wilkinson, Cpl. Samuel
Will, Pte. John Green Williams, Pte. Daniel Williams, Pte. George Lewis
Williams, Pte. Harry Williams, Pte. Harry Williams, Pte. Haydn Oswald
Williams, L/Cpl. Idris John Williams, Pte. James Barrett Williams, Pte. James Arthur
Williams, Pte. John Williams, Pte. John Henry Williams, Pte. Joseph
Williams, Pte. Robert Smith Williams, Pte. Stephen Raymond Williamson, Pte. Robert
Willison, L/Cpl. Robert Wilson, Pte. James Wilson, Pte. James Robb
Wilson, Pte. John Wilson, Pte. John Wilson, Pte. Peter
Wilson, Pte. Peter Wilson, Pte. Samuel Witham, Pte. Edwin Mounsey
Wolstencroft, Pte. James Wood, Pte. George Beeston Wood, Pte. Harry James
Wood, Pte. Henry Charles Wood, Pte. Jack Woodley, L/Cpl. Herbert Charles
Woods, Pte. Alfred Wratten, Pte. John Francis Wright, Pte. James Skinner
Wright, Pte. John Thomas Wyman, Pte. Arthur Yardumian, Pte. Mirhan
Yates, Pte. Thomas Newbirth Yelf, Pte. James Harbridge Yorston, Pte. James
Youden, Pte. Gerald Youden, Pte. Mark Young, Pte. Alexander
Young, Pte. Edgar Jepson Young, Pte. Franklin George Young, Pte. Robert
Young, Pte. Robert Noble Youson, Sgt. Frank Youson, Pte. Herbert
Youson, Pte. James Zavadsky, Pte. Faivel Zink, Pte. Jacob
Zukowski, Pte. Joseph


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