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Raines, Pte. John Victor
Ramage, L/Cpl. Alexander William Rand, Pte. Joseph George Ranger, Pte. William
Raphael, Pte. James Rashleigh, Cpl. Edward John Raybone, C.Q.M.S. Enoch
Raybone, Pte. Harold Reath, Pte. James Redding, Pte. John
Redfern, Pte. Alfred Edward Redman, Pte. Wharton Richard Reed, Pte. William
Regan, Pte. James Regan, Pte. John Reid, Pte. Francis Clark Sampson
Reid, Pte. John Alexander Rennie, Pte. George Rennison, Pte. George
Reynolds, Pte. John Rhodes, Pte. Cecil John Rhodes, Sgt. John
Rhodes, Pte. Thomas George Richards, Pte. Robert Richardson, Pte. Joseph
Richmond, Pte. Harry Ritchie, Pte. James Henry Ritchie, C.S.M. William Gordon
Roach, Pte. Robert Dennis Roberts, Pte. Peter John Roberts, Pte. Ralph Richard
Roberts, Pte. Ralph Roberts, Pte. Robert Henry Roberts, Pte. William Douglas
Robertson, Pte. Alexander Robertson, Pte. William Robertson, Pte. William Stewart
Robinson, Pte. Alexander Robinson, Pte. Charles Augustus Robinson, Pte. Clifford
Robinson, Pte. Guy Henry Robinson, Cpl. John Robert Roe, Pte. James Victor Price
Rogers, Pte. Ellis Rogers, Pte. Harold Rogers, Pte. John
Rogers, Pte. Reginald Rooney, Pte. Joseph Ross, Pte. George
Ross, Pte. Pete Ross, Pte. Wilbur Alexander Rossbottom, Pte. Frederick William
Rowe, Cpl. James Rowen, Pte. Harry Stephen Rowlinson, Pte. George
Rowsell, Pte. Edward Roy, Pte. Alexander Runciman, Pte. George
Russell, Sgt. Archie Blackwood Russell, Pte. William Rutherford, Pte. Thomas
Sakayama, Pte. Mokichi Salvus, Pte. Paul Lewis Sanders, Pte. William
Sandiford, Pte. John William Sandison, Pte. Andrew Sanford, Pte. Joseph Walter
Sargent, L/Cpl. Frederick Sarjant, Pte. Melville Henry Saucier, Pte. Bert Daniel
Saul, Pte. Frederick Saunders, Pte. Frank Saunders, B.Q.M.S. Samuel
Scarborough, Pte. Austin Buchanan Schmitt, Pte. Etienne Scorgie, Pte. Alexander
Scott, Pte. Andrew Braden Scott, Pte. Fred Scott, Pte. George
Scott, Pte. Walter Scott, Pte. William Scott, Pte. William
Scott, Pte. William Searles, Pte. Hilton Edward Semmens, Pte. Alfred
Service, Pte. George Lymbourne Sharp, Pte. Thomas Maskell Sharples, Pte. John
Shaw, Pte. George Shaw, Pte. Hugh Wilson Shaw, Pte. James Glendenning
Sherman, Pte. Walter Camden Sherwin, Pte. Harold Wesley Shields, Pte. Matthew
Shiga, Pte. Jinsiro Shorrock, Sgt. James William Short, Cpl. George Albert
Shorten, Pte. George Henry Sibbald, Pte. Herbert Norman Silvester, Pte. James
Simmons, Sgt. Edgar Charles Simpson, Cpl. Andrew Wilson Simpson, Pte. Arthur
Simpson, Pte. Frederick Simpson, Pte. Willard Perry Sims, Pte. William Thomas
Simson, Pte. David Ronald Singh, Pte. Harmon Sjolen, Pte. Alex
Skinley, Pte. Edgar Hugh Skinner, Pte. Donald Swanson Skolberg, Pte. Albert
Skudder, Pte. Alfred Slater, Pte. Harold Alexander Slater, Pte. James
Smart, Pte. Arthur Richard Smirke, Pte. Francis Joseph Smith, Pte. Albert Edward
Smith, Pte. Albert Smith, Pte. Arthur George Smith, Pte. Charles Frederick
Smith, Pte. Earl Watson Smith, Pte. Edward Augustus Smith, Pte. Edward James
Smith, Pte. Frederick George Smith, Pte. Frederick Smith, Pte. George
Smith, Pte. Henry Charles Smith, Pte. James Thomas Smith, Pte. Oliver
Smith, Pte. Victor John Smith, Pte. William Henry Smith, L/Cpl. William
Smith, Pte. William Burgess Snell, Pte. Benjamin Reginald Sokoloff, Pte. John
Solan, Pte. Robert Alexander Somerset, Pte. Oswald Southcombe, Pte. John Edward
Southin, Pte. John William Sovereign, Pte. William Sowerby, Pte. Charles William
Spence, Pte. David Spencer, Pte. George Richard Spicer, Pte. Wilfred Robert
Spittle, Pte. Samuel Sprinkling, Sgt. Percival David St Onge, Pte. Wilfred
Stares, Sgt. James Hill Starr, Pte. Paul Starry, Pte. John Patrick
Stephen, Cpl. Robert Stephens, Cpl. Ernest Robert Stephens, Pte. Ernest
Stephens, Pte. Herbert Brookshire Stephenson, Sgt. Henry Newton Stevens, Pte. Albert
Stevenson, Pte. Edward George Stevenson, Sgt. George Stewart, Pte. Alfred Lloyd
Stewart, Pte. George Stirrup, Pte. Harold Storr, Pte. John Henry
Street, Pte. Frederick Stretton, Pte. Thomas Stride, Pte. Leonard Charles Wilfred
Stroud, Pte. John Raymond Stuart, Pte. Harry Albert Suckling, Pte. Ernest
Sullivan, Pte. Gardiner Sullivan, Pte. Patrick Sutcliffe, Pte. Robert (Le Gay)
Sutherland, Pte. Francis Campbell Sutherland, Pte. John Sutherland, Pte. William James Stevenson
Sweeting, L/Cpl. Edward Joseph Swift, Pte. Dean Syer, Pte. William Armstrong
Symonds, Pte. Louis Taddie, Pte. Walter Talbot, Pte. Alfred
Taylor, Sgt. Cooper Taylor, Pte. Edward John Taylor, Pte. John James Clifford
Taylor, Pte. John Charles Taylor, Pte. John William Taylor, Pte. Joseph Settle
Taylor, Pte. William LaVerne Templeman, Pte. John William Terry, Pte. Frank Robert Victor
Thew, Pte. Frank Westley Thew, Pte. Ray Thomas, Pte. Frederick
Thomas, Pte. Griffith Tudor Thompson, Sgt. George William Montague Thompson, Pte. George Stanley
Thompson, Cpl. George William Thompson, Pte. Luke Thompson, Pte. Walter Thomas
Thompson, Pte. William Henry Thomson, Pte. Alexander Thomson, Pte. Donald
Thornton, Pte. George Francis Thornton, Cpl. Walter Adelbert Thrippleton, Pte. Arthur
Tierney, Pte. James Timms, Pte. Vivian Richard Tink, Pte. Ernest
Tinkler, Pte. William Tomkinson, Sgt. Robert Torrey, Cpl. Charles Elliott
Tose, Pte. Philip Towne, Pte. David Edward Townsend, Pte. Fred
Townsend, Pte. Frederick Caleb Townsend, Pte. Howard Travers, L/Cpl. Frederick
Triplett, Pte. Gwyn (George) Tripp, Pte. Leighton Earl Trowsdale, Pte. Nelson
Trudgian, Pte. Bertie Arthur Trujillo, Pte. Juan Turner, Pte. Arnold
Turner, Pte. Frank Turner, Pte. Thomas Sydney Turner, Pte. Thomas William
Tuttle, Pte. Frank Sidney Twiss, Pte. George Roland Twiss, Pte. James Augustus
Tyrrell, Pte. William


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