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Kalse, Pte. John Gerrard
Keeley, Pte. Herbert Daniel Kellow, Pte. Robert Thomas Mansell Kelly, Pte. Bartholemew
Kelly, Pte. John Joseph Kelly, Pte. Thomas Kemp, Pte. James Sharpe
Kendall, Pte. John Kenmure, Pte. Colin Frame Kennedy, Pte. Robert Clifford
Kennedy, Pte. Robert Copeland Kenney, Pte. William Henry Kenning, Sgt. Gordon Edward
Kerr, Pte. Charles Kerwin, Pte. John Keys, Pte. John Ernest
Kidwell, Pte. Henry Cooper Kidwell, Pte. William Cooper Kilgour, Pte. Charles
King, Pte. Frederick James Arnold King, Pte. Herbert King, Sgt. Hugh Philip Howard
King, Pte. William Harry Kingswood, Pte. William Kinsman, Pte. Charles Alfred
Kirby, Pte. George Henry Kirkham, Pte. James Kitchener, Pte. Henry Edward
Knight, Pte. Robert Knightall, Pte. Thomas Knights, Pte. John
Kruse, Pte. Edward Kubyn, Pte. Peter Kuvo, Pte. Yaskichi
Kuypers, Pte. James Radford Kyle, Pte. Robert LaFleche, Pte. Rene Peter
Lakin, Pte. Horace James Lamb, Pte. Thomas Lambert, Pte. Edward
Landon, Pte. Ralph Lane, Pte. Carl Lane, Pte. John Robert
Langford, Pte. John Langford, Pte. John Larden, Pte. Joseph
Larsen, Pte. Otto Latremouille, Pte. Eugene Lavery, Pte. Frank Theodore
Lawlor, Pte. Michael Lawrence, Sgt. Edward Lawrence, Cpl. Henry
Lawrence, Coy. S. M. James Lawson, Pte. Harry Laybourne, Pte. Henry
Lazenbury, Pte. Charles James Lazier, Pte. Louis Auguste Lee, Pte. Amos
Lee, Sgt. Frederick Lee, Pte. John Valle Lee, Pte. Percy
Lee, L/Cpl. Richard Lehen, Pte. George Leibert, Pte. John
Leith, Pte. Walter Smith Lemire, Pte. John Lemon, Pte. Arthur Charles
Levy, Pte. Ernest Lewis, Pte. Edward Lewis, Pte. William
Lindner, Pte. Frederick Lindsay, Pte. William Henry Lister, L/Cpl. Thomas James
Lister, Pte. William Little, Pte. James Livingstone, Pte. Angus
Lloyd, Pte. John Lloyd, Pte. William Lobley, Pte. Alfred
Logie, Pte. George Edward Munro Lohkamp, Pte. Edward Robert Louch, Pte. Charles Thomas
Lovell, Pte. Charles Wilfred Lowe, Sgt. Thomas Weston Luffman, Cpl. Henry Joseph
Maber, Pte. Charles Herbert Macartney, Pte. Randall LeRoy MacDonald, Pte. John
MacDonald, Pte. Walter James MacKenzie, Pte. Alexander MacLean, Pte. Carson Omaha
MacLean, Pte. John Roderick MacLeod, Pte. John Ross MacMillan, Pte. William
Macy, Pte. Alfred Madden, Pte. James Brown Madeley, Pte. Maurice James
Magee, Pte. William Mahy, Cpl. Henry John Maine, Pte. Henry
Malan, Pte. Francesco Malassis, Pte. Charles August Maley, Pte. Thomas Vernon
Maloney, Pte. William Maltman, Pte. William Mann, Pte. Frank
Mann, Pte. John James Mann, Sgt. Robet Alfred Manning, Pte. Walter
Manson, Spr. Frank Stewart Manzi, Pte. Xenophon Marchant, Sgt. Allan Lancelot
Marino, Pte. Joseph Marks, Pte. Thomas James Marr, Pte. William Noble
Marrington, Pte. Theodore Frank Marshall, Pte. Alexandra Marshall, Pte. Robert Hamilton
Martin, Pte. Henry Harold Mason, Pte. George Ernest Mason, Pte. James Leslie
Massey, Pte. Frederick Mathers, Pte. Daniel Wellington Matheson, Pte. Robert
Mathews, Pte. George William May, Pte. Morgan Hughes Mayar, Pte. Harold William
McArthur, Pte. Clinton Russel McArthur, Pte. James McArthur, Pte. James
McBroom, Pte. George McCallum, Pte. Peter McCarthy, Pte. James
McClurge, Pte. Albert McClurge, Pte. Frank Stephenson McCoy, Pte. Charles
McCurrach, L/Cpl. Jack McDonald, Pte. Delval Ralph McDonald, Pte. James
McDonald, Pte. John James McDonald, Pte. John Alexander McDonald, Pte. Martin
McDonald, Pte. Thomas McDonald, Pte. Wilfred Peter McDonell, Pte. Allan
McDonell, Pte. Norman McDonnell, Pte. John McGinnis, L/Cpl. Frederick Leo
McGougan, Pte. George Russell McGrath, Pte. William McGregor, Pte. Donald
McGuire, Cpl. William McKenzie, Pte. James McKenzie, Pte. William
McKinney, Pte. Hugh Marshall McKinnon, Pte. Jack McLachlan, Pte. Charles
McLaren, Pte. Percy Lawrence McLean, Pte. Alexander Archibald McLean, Pte. Oliver
McLean, Pte. Percival Alexander McLear, Pte. Andrew McLeish, Pte. Stewart
McLeod, Pte. Neil McLeod, Pte. William James McLuckie, Pte. James
McMillan, Pte. Glenn McMillan, Sgt. Neil McMillan, Pte. Victor Robert
McNaughton, Pte. Robert Bruce McNeil, Pte. John Robertson McNulty, Pte. Michael Joseph
McPhalen, Pte. William Austin McRae, Pte. Joseph Francis McWhinney, Pte. William Joseph
McWilliam, Pte. Robert Mead, Pte. Francis Medley, L/Cpl. George Edward
Megson, Pte. Alfred Meikle, Pte. James Mendes, Pte. George
Mendum, Sgt. Alfred John Menzies, Pte. Frederick Thompson Mercier, Pte. Ralph Joseph
Mertton, Pte. Ernest Edmund Metcalfe, Pte. Herbert Edward Meunier, Pte. Charles
Michiel, Pte. Frederick James Mileskie, Pte. Jakow Millar, Pte. Thomas Annandale
Millen, Pte. Edward Millen, Pte. George Samuel William Miller, Pte. Frederick John
Miller, Pte. Herbert James Miller, Pte. Reginald Miller, Pte. Roy McIntyre
Miller, Pte. Samuel Milligan, Pte. Ivie Mackie Mills, Pte. Daniel Oliver
Mills, Pte. James Mills, Pte. John Mills, Pte. William Edward
Milner, Pte. Arthur Milnes, Pte. Hubert Minnes, Pte. Joseph Frank
Mitchell, Pte. Frank Mitchell, Pte. Fred Moffat, Pte. Alexander Comar
Moffat, Pte. John Moir, Pte. Roy Mole, Pte. William
Monohan, Pte. William Moodie, Pte. Douglas Moore, Pte. Emmett
Moore, Pte. Henry Hewson Moore, Pte. Thomas Moran, Pte. Otto
Moran, Pte. William Morassky, Pte. John Morcom, C.Q.M.S. Thomas Richard
Morfitt, Pte. Thomas Smithson Morgan, Pte. Robert Gillow Morris, Pte. Albert Martin
Morris, Pte. Charles William Morrison, Pte. George Edward Morse, Pte. Leonard Victor
Morse, Pte. Stephen Moses, Pte. Charles Moss, Pte. William Gerald
Mottershead, Pte. Alfred James Mountain, Pte. William James Mowatt, Pte. Andrew
Mowatt, Pte. Charles Mowatt, Pte. David Moyls, Pte. Fred
Mozaichi, Pte. Louis Murch, Gnr. Arthur Murdoch, Pte. Lloyd Strachan
Murik, Pte. Paul Murphy, Pte. Frank Murphy, Pte. James
Murray, Pte. Harry Murray, Pte. Robert Sangster Murray, Pte. Wilbur Isaac
Myers, Pte. Richard Alexander Myles, Pte. Thomas George


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