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Hacker, Pte. John Henry Hainen, Pte. Samuel
Halford, Pte. John Thomas Hall, Pte. George Hall, L/Cpl. Harry William Alfred
Hall, Pte. Harry William Alfred Hall, Pte. John Henry Hallberg, Pte. George August
Hancock, L/Cpl. John Parker Hanwright, Pte. Edgar Harding, Pte. Walter Henry
Hardman, Pte. Alfred Hardy, Sgt. Arthur Thomas Hare, Pte. William Edward
Hargraves, Pte. Samuel Harker, Cpl. Harold Harman, Pte. Richard Browning
Harreld, Pte. Don Harris, Pte. Arthur Edward Harris, Pte. Charles Norman Jackson
Harris, Pte. George Harris, Pte. William George Edward Harrison, Pte. George Edward
Harrison, Pte. Moses Hart, Pte. Robert Hart, Pte. Sidney Samuel
Harvey, Pte. Cecil Graham Mann Harvey, Pte. Thomas Harwood, Sgt. Albert Edgar
Harwood, Pte. Charles Noble Hasenfratz, Pte. Albert Haskell, Pte. Albert Ellsworth
Hastie, Pte. Harry Hastings, Pte. James Hatfield, Pte. Ambrose James
Hatt, Pte. John Evans Hawker, Pte. Anthony James Haworth, Pte. Frank
Hayes, Sgt. Barrington Hayes, Pte. Curtis Franklin Haywood, Pte. John
Hazel, Pte. Arthur Hazel, Pte. Victor Healer, Pte. Robert
Heart, Pte. Samuel Heath, Pte. Abraham Hedges, Pte. James
Hemsill, Pte. Ruebin Hencher, Pte. Lawrence Henderson, Pte. John
Henderson, Pte. Noble Hendry, Pte. Robert Hennessy, Pte. Ernest
Henry, Pte. James Robert Henshall, Sgt. William Herbert Henshaw, Pte. Emil
Herbert, Pte. Frank Herbert, Pte. Joseph Albert Augustin Herbert, Pte. William Charles Arthur
Heron, Pte. Robert Loudon Hewitt, Pte. William George Hewlett, Pte. William Walter
Heywood, Pte. Ernest Higgins, Pte. John Hill, Pte. Albert William
Hill, Pte. Gilbert Hill, Pte. Harry Hill, Pte. John Calvin
Hill, Pte. William Laurence Hill, Pte. William Hilliard, Pte. Arthur
Hilton, Pte. Joseph Hine, Pte. Robert Fraser Hinton, Pte. George
Hinton, Pte. Nelson Elderfield Hipwood, Pte. Herbert Edward Hobbs, Pte. Edward Henry
Hobday, Cpl. William Frederick Hodge, Pte. Robert Hodgson, Pte. Arthur James
Hoita, Pte. Robert Holden, Pte. Thomas Hole, Pte. William
Holt, Pte. Richard Harvey Honey, C.Q.M.S. Fred Gerald Hooper, Pte. Howard Stuart
Hooper, Pte. William Horn, Pte. Frank Hornsby, Pte. Charles Frederick
Horrod, Pte. James Horton, Pte. George Horton, Pte. Raymond
Housley, Pte. Samuel Howard, Pte. Ernest Howard, Pte. Walter Henry
Howe, Pte. Michael Howitt, Pte. Leonard Irving Howlett, Pte. John Edward
Huber, Pte. Percy William Hughes, Pte. Hugh William Hughes, Pte. John
Hughes, Pte. Robert Norman Bennett Hughes, Pte. Thomas Lewis Hughes, Pte. William
Hulme, Pte. Frank Hume, Pte. Horace Duncan Hume, Pte. Horace Duncan
Hunt, Pte. Albert John Hunt, Sgt. Alfred Hunt, Sgt. Herbert Garvin
Hunt, Pte. Kirby Brouson Hunt, Pte. Roland Hunt, Pte. Roscoe Victor
Hunter, Pte. Frederick Hunter, Pte. Henry Hunter, Pte. John Wray
Hunter, Pte. John Erskine Hurd, Pte. John Hurst, Pte. Norman LeRoy
Hutchinson, Pte. Ira Oscar Hutley, Pte. Reginald Clarence Iddon, Pte. George
Ingate, Pte. Claude Aquilla Ingham, Pte. Herbert Allen Inglett, Pte. Edward
Irving, Pte. Arthur Irving, Pte. Charles Vernon Iverson, Pte. Jacob
Jack, Pte. George Jackson, Pte. John Henry James, Pte. Joseph
James, Pte. Percy James, Pte. Wilfred Jamieson, Pte. Herbert
Jarman, Pte. Arthur Jarrett, Cpl. Charles Henry Jarvis, Pte. Ivor
Jaundraw, Pte. John Jeffereson, Pte. Robert Jeffery, Pte. Will
Jenkinson, Pte. John William Jervis, Pte. George Mills Jessop, Pte. Percy
Jimmy, Pte. Harry Johnson, L/Cpl. Frank Johnson, L/Cpl. James Varley
Johnson, Pte. John Johnson, Pte. Olaf Johnson, Pte. William
Johnston, Pte. David Johnston, Pte. George Henry Johnston, Pte. Thomas Hutchison
Johnstone, Pte. Bertram John Johnstone, Pte. Thomas Joinson, Pte. Peter Joseph
Jolly, Pte. John Jones, Pte. Alfred Jones, Pte. Arthur Richard
Jones, Pte. Bert Fred Jones, L/Cpl. Daniel Jones, Pte. Edward Arthur
Jones, Pte. Frederick William Jones, Pte. Frederick Jones, Pte. Harry
Jones, Sgt. Harry Patrick Jones, Pte. John Edward Jones, Pte. Oliver Edward
Joseph, Pte. Alfred Judd, Pte. John Henry


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