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Caldwell, Pte. Hugh Campbell, Cpl. Findly Chisholm
Campbell, Pte. George Campbell, Cpl. Herbert Donald Campbell, Sgt. Horace Melton Stewart
Campbell, Pte. James Campbell, Pte. James Percival Campbell, Pte. John
Campbell, Pte. Lester Newton Campbell, Pte. Peter Campbell, Pte. William
Campbell, Pte. William Canary, Pte. John Nicola Canning, Pte. Patrick
Cant, Pte. Leslie Ewart Gladstone Cantwell, Pte. Frederick William Carmody, Pte. Arthur Bernard
Caron, Pte. Alfred Joseph Carpenter, Pte. Edwin Carpenter, Pte. William Hoffman
Carr, Pte. Edwin Carr, Pte. George Carriere, Pte. Alexandre
Carruthers, Pte. Isaac Carruthers, Pte. William Carruthers, Pte. William Ewart
Carter, Pte. Ralph Robinson Carter, Pte. Vernon Glidon Cartwright, Pte. William David
Castle, Pte. Albert James Cathie, C.S.M. John Alexander Catterall, Sgt. Richard Thomas
Chandler, Pte. George Joseph Chapman, Pte. David Chapman, Pte. George
Charman, Pte. Arthur Herbert Chenier, Pte. Ernest Romeo Cherry, Pte. Wilfred Gordon
Church, Pte. John Churchill, Pte. Thomas Stanley Clapp, Pte. Aubrey Alexander
Clapp, Pte. Charles Edward Clapp, Pte. George Alfred Clark, Pte. Andrew
Clark, Pte. Edward Clark, Sgt. George Clark, Pte. John Thomas
Clark, Pte. John Clarkson, Pte. Charles Henry Clayton, Pte. Bert Leonard
Clayton, Pte. Robert Watson Cleator, Sgt. Josiah Clegg, Pte. Talbot Richard
Clicteur, Pte. Henri Clifford, Sgt. George Clough, Sgt. Frank Edward
Coburn, Pte. Wesley Cochrane, L/Cpl. James Cole, Pte. Stephen Field
Coles, Pte. Alexander Coles, Cpl. Charles Albert Collett, Sgt. Charles
Collier, Pte. Thomas Collins, Pte. James Collishaw, Pte. Clyde
Colomiyi, Pte. Peter Colovich, Pte. Mike Connelly, Pte. John
Connolly, Pte. Thomas Cook, Pte. Arthur Edgar Cook, Pte. John Adam
Cooke, Pte. Harry Graham Cooke, Pte. John Cooke, Pte. Joseph
Coolin, Pte. James Russell Cooper, Pte. Harry Cornes, Pte. John Kenyon
Cornwall, Pte. Harvey Corp, Pte. Rowland Percy Cosh, Pte. Cuthbert Roy
Coutu, Pte. Victor Aristide Coverdale, Pte. William Harold Hugh Cowan, Pte. James
Cowan, Pte. Peter Cowling, Pte. Henry Coyle, Pte. Thomas James
Craige, Pte. Thomas Frederick Crapnell, Pte. John Bertie Crawford, Pte. Herbert Arthur
Crawford, Pte. John Robert Craze, Pte. Fred Rowe Creamore, Pte. James Joseph
Crerar, Pte. Allan Crombie, Pte. James Gordon Cross, Pte. David Thomas
Cross, Pte. Thomas Cross, Pte. Walter Wilson Crosswell, Pte. Thomas Smith
Crow, Pte. Thomas Henry Cullerne, Pte. Harold Cumberland, Pte. James
Cummings, L/Cpl. James Cummins, Pte. Edgar Edward Currie, Pte. William Howard
Dale, Pte. George Crawford Dalgarno, Pte. Joseph Daniel, Pte. James
Daniel, Pte. Joseph Darcy, Pte. Anthony Dare, Pte. George
Davenport, L/Cpl. James Harry Davidson, Cpl. James Cowan Davidson, Cpl. James Hunter
Davidson, Pte. John McNab Davidson, Pte. Robert Hilditch Davies, Pte. James
Davies, Pte. Thomas Edward Davis, Pte. George Davis, Pte. Samuel Wesley
Davy, Pte. John Dawkin, Pte. Frank Dean, Pte. Herbert M
Dean, Pte. Joseph Defty, Pte. Emanuel Delaney, Sgt. Harold Elmer
Delaney, Pte. John DeMacedo, Pte. Aloysius Augustine DeNeauve, Pte. Pierre
Denicola, Pte. Antonio Denley, Pte. Charles DePessemier, Pte. Victor
Derbyshire, Pte. James Desormeau, Pte. Wilfrid Despain, Pte. Joseph Rhodes
Dickinson, Pte. Albert Dillon, Pte. Thomas Alfred Dimock, Sgt. George Wilbur
Disley, Pte. Thomas Henry Dixon, Pte. Albert Dixon, Pte. William
Dobson, Pte. Nicholas Docherty, Pte. Hugh Docherty, Pte. Mathew C
Dodsworth, Cpl. Fred Dolby, Pte. George Thomas Doty, Pte. James Henry
Dougherty, Pte. Peter Douglas, Pte. Archie Doumani, Pte. Toufie
Doutaz, Pte. Joseph Frank Dowell, Cpl. William Whitesmith Downie, Cpl. James
Downton, Sgt. George Herbert Downton, Sgt. Reginald Victor Doyle, Pte. Fred
Drake, Pte. William Edward Dransfield, Pte. Henry Drinkle, Pte. William Francis
Drummond, Pte. Robert Mourice Drysdale, Pte. Benjamin Duff, Pte. George Comyn
Duffy, Pte. Edward Duffy, Pte. Patrick Duke, Pte. William Henry
Duncan, Pte. James Duncan, Pte. John Dunderdale, Pte. Frank
Dunn, Pte. Joseph Durham, Pte. Anthony Dyer, Pte. Leonard Wilmot
Dysart, Pte. George Henry Dyson, Pte. Edward Oscar


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