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Abbott, Pte. Louis Abel, Pte. Fred Abicht, Pte. Walter Lewis
Acutt, Pte. Herbert Ackery, Pte. Ivan Ackland, Sgt. William Adolphus
Acton, Pte. Joseph Adair, Pte. Walter Adams, Pte. John Robert
Aitken, Pte. William Alberg, Pte. Arved Alexander, Pte. Thomas
Allan, Pte. Alfred Allard, Pte. Max Allardice, Pte. Robert
Allen, Sgt. Henry Edmund Allen, Pte. James Edward Alto, Pte. Nick
Alttin, Pte. Matthew Anderson, Pte. Andrew Anderson, Pte. Felix
Anderson, Pte. Frederick Anderson, Pte. John Nelson Anderson, Pte. John William
Andresen, Pte. Michael Andrew, Pte. Michael Andrews, Pte. David
Appleby, L/Cpl. Reginald Motimer Armstrong, Sgt. Francis Joseph Armstrong, Sgt. Frederick
Armstrong, Pte. George William Armstrong, Pte. William Harold Artus, Pte. Sidney Henry
Artus, Sgt. William Ashe, Sgt. Albert Edward Ashton, Pte. Robert Payne
Attwood, Pte. Frank Averill, Pte. Charles Gordon Bagos, Pte. Joseph
Baker, Pte. John Baker, L/Cpl. Sydney Baker, Pte. William Thomas
Balatti, Pte. Victor Balcarras, Pte. James Baldry, Pte. William George
Ball, Sgt. Joseph Ball, Pte. Ralph Gooding Bampton, Pte. Robert
Bantin, Pte. Leonard Charles Baratta, Pte. Guiseppe Barber, Pte. Harry John
Barbour, Pte. David Allan Bardsley, Pte. Samuel Barham, Pte. Leonard
Barnes, Pte. Benjamin John Barnes, Pte. Dudley Barnes, L/Cpl. Frank
Barnes, Pte. Jabez Barnes, Pte. William Barnett, Pte. Frederick
Barnett, Pte. Samuel Barritt, Sgt. Elijah Barter, Pte. James Edwin
Barter, Pte. John Campbell Barter, Pte. William Talmage Bartlett, Pte. Maurice William
Barton, Pte. John Stanley Barwis, Pte. Sheppard James Basey, Pte. Alfred
Baty, Pte. Mathew William Bayliss, Pte. Herbert George Bayliss, Pte. Thomas
Beall, Pte. Burgess Beasley, Pte. William John Beaumont, L/Cpl. Humphrey Draper
Beaver, Pte. Edmund Beldam, Pte. Edward Bennett, Pte. Guard William
Bennett, Pte. Joseph Bentley, Pte. John Arthur Berra, Pte. Cesar
Biggan, Pte. James Bignell, Pte. Charles Bill, Pte. Frederick McDonald
Binz, Pte. Hugo Biondi, Pte. Albert Biondi, Pte. Joseph
Bish, Pte. Edwin Wallace Bishop, Pte. Henry Richard Biswanger, Pte. William George Fletcher
Blackmore, Pte. Charles Henry Blakebrough, Pte. Wilfred Blakeley, Pte. William Campbell
Blakey, Pte. Albert Blockley, Pte. John William Blouin, Pte. Alexander Alphonse
Blundell, Pte. John Blythe, Pte. Joshua Bodrick, Pte. Alexander
Bodys, Pte. James Bolton, Sgt. Noel Bonach, Pte. Joe
Bonar, Pte. Alexander Love Bonar, Pte. William Bond, Pte. Frank
Botticella, Pte. Theodore Attell Boudou, Pte. Charles Achelt Bourdon, Pte. Leopold Joseph
Bourke, Pte. John Bowie, L/Cpl. Charles Bowman, Pte. Joseph
Bownes, Pte. Fred Boyce, Pte. Thomas Boyden, Pte. Robert
Boyle, Pte. William Bozelle, Pte. Charles Joseph Bradford, Pte. David Athwell
Bradley, Pte. Albert Edward Brady, Pte. John Brakes, Pte. Joseph
Bramley, Pte. Edward Bray, Pte. Harold Clifton Brinjes, Pte. Cecil Henry
Broadbent, Pte. Alfred James Broadhead, Pte. Leslie Burks Broadhead, Pte. Sidney James
Brock, Pte. Charles Ernest Brodie, Pte. George Proctor Brown, L/Cpl. Albert
Brown, Pte. Charles Thoreston Brown, Sgt. Charles Stanley Brown, Pte. Harry
Brown, Pte. James Brown, Pte. John Brown, Pte. Ray
Brown, Pte. Robert William Brown, Pte. Sidney James Brown, Pte. William Helm
Brown, Pte. William Arthur Browne, Cpl. Robert Claude Browne, Pte. Wallace Graham
Brumwell, Pte. Charles Brune, Pte. Charles Bruty, Pte. Ernest
Bryenton, Pte. Chester Newton Buchanan, Pte. Duncan Buckledee, Pte. Arthur Charles
Buckol, Pte. William Bull, Pte. Henry Bulloch, Pte. Alexander
Bulloch, Pte. William Bunbury, Sgt. Charles John Bunce, Pte. Arthur James
Burke, Sgt. John Joseph Burnie, Pte. Robert Burns, L/Cpl. James
Burroughs, Pte. Arthur George Burt, Pte. Frank Burton, Pte. Reginald Ernest
Butler, Pte. Stanley Whiteman Butters, L/Cpl. James Bye, Pte. Oscar William
Byrne, Pte. Timothy


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